How to Interview a Person

It is always an honor and a privilege to interview a person. It is your chance to write a fair portrait of a person who deserves recognition. However, it is also a rather hard job. It is not easy to sit next to a person and ask them all kinds of professional and personal questions. Where do you start? How to make them like you enough to answer you? How to stay original? All these questions are not new to those who have ever made an interview before. Though, don’t fear! We are going to help you. Here is a brief guide on how to interview a person.

Be prepared

Nothing is worse than an unprepared interviewer. It is a nightmare for a journalist and a serious offense to the interviewee. Don't be fooled. You can’t just pay someone to do assignment for you and think it will go unnoticed. It is very obvious when an interviewer comes to the appointment without proper research. You start asking questions that are no longer relevant. You are confused about the dates, names, and events. You make all sorts of mistakes that make your interviewee uncomfortable. This way you will never receive any respect, friendly responses, or genuine answers from the person you are interviewing.
Instead, what you should do for a good interview is to go one step further than everybody else. Research something rather unique about the person. Something they are proud or feel good about. This will flatter them and show your professionalism. Now, as they are impressed, it’s more likely they will open up to you.

Show genuine interest

Your genuine interest is something that can cause a heartwarming response. If you show an honest desire to learn more about this person’s life, career, project, etc, they will feel it. Hence, they will be more prone to speak freely about the things you are asking about. This mutual respect and interest in the topic of the conversation will make your interview stand out among others.

Find individual approach

Doing a good interview is not just about good writing skills and professionalism. Otherwise, any professional academic writing services could do it. A good interview means finding a personal approach to your interviewee. An individual approach shows that you care about this job and the person you interview. Additionally, if you manage to find the right individual approach, your interview will gain some personality to it. It will no longer be dry and official. It will radiate warmth and comfort.
Thus, do your research, learn more details about the person you are interviewing. Perhaps, get some help at See what you may have in common. Decide on which questions can set the right tone. Whoever you are interviewing, whether they are a scientist, celebrity, or firefighter, they are people first. You can find a common ground with them. This also includes making a person feel comfortable during the interview. Hence, aside from questions, you should think about the setting of the interview. Where would it be? A cozy restaurant? A conference room? Perhaps their own living room is the most favorable place for them to receive you. Think of these details ahead.

Stay ethical

In modern times, it is easy to lose the right path. Most media are suffering through rough times in keeping their professionalism intact. The borders between private and public areas are as blurry as never before. It is easy to slip and go overboard with personal questions that you or the public should have no interest in. Hence, remember about the ethics of journalism. Stay professional. Be respectful.